With the technology that is available today it has never been easier to tutor and do test preparation online using Skype and Facetime.  For SAT/ACT preparation, the online option allows older students more flexibility to complete the SAT course without needing to be dependent on parents for transportation.  They can study with a live tutor from anywhere that has a WIFI signal and at times that might be too early or late in the day for Mom or Dad to provide transportation.  It also allows for time flexibility.  For example, if a student only has a half hour before practice or 60 minutes before a birthday party, they can still make use of the time for tutoring without having to waste additional transportation time.

Here’s how it works:  students will receive a packet of materials either in-person or by mail.  Their tutor will have those same materials in front of them so they will go through the coursework together just as if they were working in the same location.  Every tutor is equipped with a whiteboard and high quality webcam which allows students to see the tutor solve difficult problems live.  If the student needs subject tutoring, the tutor will obtain either the student’s textbook or web-learning information so both parties can easily work together!

Payment can then be mailed via check, requested on Paypal or put a credit card.  Online tutoring and test prep is quickly becoming our most requested service!

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